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There is a trend of deteriorating our cultural identity due to forces came from foreign countries.  In this context, the vision of the centre is to nurture the cultural inheritance which is enriched with art traditions, ethics, rituals and customs, at grassroots level.


Socialization of hidden talents and skills of all community groups without discrimination on race, caste and class while establishing cordial relationships between different nations of the society.


  • Make people aware of our long-standing cultural traditions namely up-country dancing, low-country dancing, sabaragamuwa dancing, folk dancing, folk music, art, sculpture, plays and performing arts.
  • Conserve and sustain the special art traditions of the area namely puppetry, wood carving and batik.
  • Identify historically important places and conserve them.
  • Conduct programmes to improve the cordial relationships between different nations.
  • Conduct physical and mental development programmes for the victims of social evils.


This cultural centre was opened on 27th April, 2003.


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