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Our culture is an unique one which has specific features and traditions.  Our vision is to conserve, sustain and propagate the cultural identity and heritage of Galle (specific to Nagoda), and improve them further so as to disseminate to external world.


Conserve, promote and disseminate long-standing cultural values and traditions in the country (especially in Galle), allowing room for giving publicity at international level.


  • Make necessary adjustments so as to bring the cultural heritage at local level to international plain.
  • Identify the persons who possess local cultural traditions and talents and bring them up to national level.
  • Identify and nurture emerging cultural roots and traditions.
  • Improve the knowledge on culture and arts of the young generation (Transferring cultural heritage).
  • Promote reading habit of the people.
  • Create an environment which is conducive to respect multi-national culture and sub-cultures of different community groups.
  • Conserve long-standing traditions and values and inherit them to future generation.


This cultural centre was opened by Revt. Rekadahene Kusalagnana Thero, Chief Sanga Nayaka of Galu Korale, on 30th December, 2000.  The financial assistance was provided by Most Venerable Dr. Kiuse Enshinjo Thero, first President of Indian Mahabodhi Society, in appreciation of the service rendered by Revt. Mapalagama Vipulasara Thero at both national and international levels.


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