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Bringing-up cultural and arts in heritance of the area to the national level by conserving and sustaining them while protecting the long-standing identity and making suitable changes without harm to historical value.


Conserve, promote and propagate cultural and arts inheritance in the area and pave the way for bringing up cultural values, attitudes and concepts available at local level to the national front.


To consider prominent behaviours in the area as a main tool

  • Take necessary measures at local level to bring-up cultural traditions and values in the area to national level.
  • Bring-up the persons who have traditional cultural values and talents at local level to national level.
  • Conserve and nurture emerging talented generation.
  • Improve the knowledge of child population through nurturing their reading habits.
  • Create an environment which leads to establish mutual understanding on sub-cultures among different communities.
  • Conserve traditional heritage and inherit them to future generation.


This cultural centre was opened by veteran lyricist Ratna Sri Wijesinghe on 01st November, 1998.


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