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Create a knowledgeable, critical and progressive society by conserving our ancient and proud cultural and art heritage while nurturing high mental and cultural values among people in the area.


Build a sensitive and ethical society by conserving promoting and propagating long-standing cultural values and traditions prevailed in the area.


  • Protect, conserve and promote classic cultural traditions and values.
  • Provide opportunities to spend the leisure time of the people in meaningful way and improve talents and skills irrespective of differences on nation, religion, caste and age.
  • Propagate local cultural and arts traditions by conducting skills development programmes.
  • Create a young generation who has talents and appreciation skills in arts.
  • Build a righteous society through implementing spiritual, education and aesthetic programmes, focused on child, young and elder population.



This cultural centre was opened by Mrs. H.D.S.Malkanthi, Additional Secretary of the Ministry of Culture and the Arts, Mr. Ajith Kumara, then President of Galle Heritage Foundation and Mr. Bandula Harischandra then Divisional Secretary of Kadawath Sathara Division.


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බෙල්මල් දන්සල කඩවත්සතර සංස්කෘතික මධ්‍යස්ථානය මගීන...

සෙනෙහස රසවින්දන සායනය 2015.03.30 දින ගාල්ල කඩවත්සත...

‘ප්‍රතිභා ප්‍රභා‘ සංස්කෘතික සංදර්ශනය කඩවත්සතර සංස...

කඩවත්සතර සංස්කෘතික මධ්‍යස්ථානය මගීන් ගාල්ල උණවටුන ...