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About us


Act as a forerunner who directs the whole country (Thun Sinhalaya) towards a new era by exploring and conserving long-standing tangible and in-tangible cultural heritage of the country.


Build a knowledgeable society by exploring, conserving, promoting and propagating ancient cultural values and traditions in the area.


Objectives have been identified considering the ways of getting access to the future from a more sensitive, intelligent, philanthropicand  strong household by recognizing our identity and enlightening the position occupied by them within the framework of culture of the people living in the area.

  • Create a righteous society and conducive cultural environment.
  • Improve personality development of the young generation which requires for quality leadership.
  • Explore untapped cultural inheritances in the area and conserve them.
  • Strengthen the household economy by promoting new culture-based creations.
  • Improve appreciation ability of the young generation to ensure existence of a disciplined society.
  • Create a sensitive generation who loves and protects the nature.


This cultural centre was established at the Borakanda T.D.Samaraweera playground premises.  This was opened by Mr. Wimal Rubasinghe, then Secretary of the Ministry of Culture and the Arts, on 13th March, 2011.


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