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Be a cultural centre which conserves the historical cultural base of Galle area, sustains the specific and common cultural identity in the area, adjusts to the modernization process suitably through empowering people and works with other cultural centres in cordial manner.


Assist in conserving and sustaining the Sri Lankan cultural heritage by protecting and improving the historical inheritance in Galle district and contributing to inherit the cultural identity for future generation.


  • Create a conducive environment in the area so as to realize the goals and objectives of the Ministry of Culture and the Arts.
  • Identify the groups and places which have detrimental effects in terms of culture, and take measures to control them through empowerment of people.
  • Pave the way of identifying the positive cultural factors and direct people to adjust their life style accordingly.
  • Assist in conserving and promoting cultural traditions specific to the region.
  • Transform the cultural centre to one which is essential to people in their day to day life.


This cultural centre was opened by Mrs. H.D.S.Malkanthi, Additional Secretary of the Ministry of Culture and the Arts, on 28.07.2012.


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