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To operate at divisional level to achieve the vision of the Ministry of Culture and the Arts which directs the Sri Lankan nation who possesses a rich great national heritage to emerge as a powerful country in the world in parallel with new trends maintaining friendly relations and ties with other nations while safeguarding the cultural identity


To steer the cultural identity gained by conserving, promoting and propagating the divisional folk heritage as a catalytic force that helps to achieve development goals and to provide the assistance of whole division to establish the status of Sri Lanka as a developed country where a proud nation lives


  • To create a positive cultural environment that motivates the people to realize the National Development Policy of the motherland.
  • To pave the way for people to build a culture-oriented lifestyle through conservation, maintenance and usage of cultural heritage.
  • To strengthen the people with the power of self – reliance to identify and reject internal and external factors that cause cultural downfall.
  • To forge ahead as an exemplary establishment that ful fils culture based requirements of the nation.
  • To implement creative programs to promote social values in collaboration with governmental and non-governmental organizations with the intension of building a disciplined soc


This Cultural Center was   inaugurated by the veteran artiste Mr. G.S.B. Senanayakeon14 March 1999.


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